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Empowering Others Group of the Year

Here are the biography's of this years Nominees

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Listen Uplift Vent CIC

Listen Uplift Vent CIC was created to provide women and young girls with a platform to develop, grow and be the best that they can possibly be. LUV CIC is built around three key fundamental values, which are:



We provide space and opportunities to inspire self belief, supporting more women to reach their potential.



We provide a range of programs that help girls and women acquire the necessary skills to become more resilient, more skilled and have a greater level of knowledge on aspects that are important in their lives.



We increase self belief and self-LUV in girls and women so that they can be elevated which will help them have continued growth and success. LUV CIC provides a range of targeted interventions that seek to motivate, inspire and impart lasting change in women of all ages and backgrounds.

Unity for the Community 

Unity for the community was started as I was concerned about the lack of unity and the growth of gang culture in our community I believed that by bringing us together to train and socialise it will help us build bonds and help us tackle the issues we are currently facing.

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Sister 2 Sister

Sister2Sister C.I.C is a not for profit organisation that provides mentoring and empowerment programmes to young females from disadvantaged backgrounds who may lack aspiration, confidence or self-esteem.

The organisation was founded by three women who were inspired to give back to their community after witnessing the downward trajectory of young women who lacked relatable positive role models.

Sister2Sister's programmes are invaluable because they share lived experiences and equip girls with the skills they need to navigate and overcome challenges. The organisation's vision is to be recognised as a trusted brand in education and community sectors.

Here are some specific examples of Sister2Sister's work:

  • Big Sister programme matches young women with mentors who can provide guidance and support.

  • The Empowerment Programmes are 100% focus led and provide hands-on, practical tools to drive young women to be leaders and changemakers in their lives and communities addressing topics such as heritage and background, values, healthy relationships and the impact of social media.

  • Sister2Sister also hosts events and activities to promote positive self-image and self-confidence amongst young women.


Sister2Sister is a valuable asset to the community and is making a real difference in the lives of young women.  Girls who have been on the Empowerment Programme have said….

“I feel that I am valuable and that my opinions matter”.

“Refreshed! As though I am a different person!

“I am ready to engage in counselling so that I can deal with some other issues”.

“I am more confident and socially aware!”

The Melanin Moods

Melanin moods is a community interest company who’s aim to educate, advocate and increase conversations on mental health within our local communities.


We both belong to the black community so our special interest likes in black and brown communities.

Our goal is reduce stigma, increase awareness and tackle taboo subjects to make a difference in our community and the communities who do not typically access traditional mental health services.

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