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Female Artiste of the Year

Here are the biography's of this years Nominees

Xhung Dee_edited.jpg

Xhung Dee

XhungDee is a UK dancehall artist, she sings, writes songs and has a dominant and unique sound. She has explosive vibes and is taking major steps in her music career with hit songs such as spend money pon me, cocky tegereg and warning, she is climbing her way to greatness and has much more in store.


XhungDee believes in freedom of being ones authentic self and is using music as a pioneer to convey her message, whereby her motivation is to encourage others to be themselves unapologetically. 


She would like to extend her gratitude to those whom voted and more so to the person who nominated her in order for this to be possible. In short, XhungDee izza whole vibe and her vibes can't done !


Brixx is an artist from Birmingham. She was  born in the United States, but came to the UK as a young girl. Her mother is originally from Birmingham and her father is from Jamaica, so her unique sound is a distinct reflection of both cultures. After moving to the UK, Brixx was introduced to Grime. She would listen to sets on Passion FM and other popular UK radio stations in Birmingham she became fascinated with the word play. 


Growing up listening to well know grime artists like, Big Frisco, JME, Jammer, Wiley, Tinie Tempah, D Double E, Ghetts, Skepta, Kano and So Solid Crew. Brixx’s blend of unique flow patterns and infectious tones pay homage to them all because as they have inspired her to make music. As stated by Brixx in interviews previously they were the ones that gave her hop that it was possible for her to achieve her continuously growing goals.


Initially introduced to the world after a series of successful freestyles, over the past three years Brixx has had the pleasure of writing music alongside a number of extremely talented and well established musicians including  Frisco, Nadia Rose, GHETTS, Toddla T, Stylo G, Low-key, Abigail Asante, OFB, Big Zeeks. 


After working with big Frisco on ‘Money Call’, she was honored to be invited on his UK tour as a supporting artist.  Also, in Summer 2021, she had her first festival booking as part of West Midland’s biggest festival, MADE.

Yardie Barbie_edited.jpg

Yardie Barbie

Please see Yardie Barbie's Instagram page for more information

Claire Angel

Claire Angel is a singer, songwriter and easily a role model for any woman who's been through the struggles. Shel is an artist that is comfortable and credible in any genre, but favours Reggae because of her Jamaican roots & the early influence of her Dad's sound system.


Claire Angel has performed at some of the most prestigious events both in the UK and Internationally. On stage, she is magical. It's not strange to see several members of the audience shedding tears during a Claire Angel performance.


Her vocals will go from soft and whispering too strong and commanding effortlessly. 


An artist that knows how to put on a show that will be remembered.

Claire Angel_edited.jpg


Dee’vyne has been singing since the early age of nine. She has sung for Radio 1, GMTV, Springbreak. The list is endless...


Her songs are usually inspired by the way she feels or the surroundings and society that she is in.


Dee’vyne is a smooth blend of R&B and Dancehall to make her own unique sound.  Her songs are either written in poetry form, ballad, R&B, reggae, dancehall, rap or soul and they all constitute to different aspects of life in general.


The genre that best suits her music is R&B with a Caribbean twist to come up with her own unique style and remixes. 


Her inspirations usually come from gospel/ R&B, Dancehall and reggae artists that have a strong 

message to portray.


She hopes that her songs can inspire others to reach their goals and live a better life.

K Dottie

UK Songwriter and Recording artist K Dottie whose name after research. Defined as ‘a gift from God’ is a RnB and Reggae soul singer. K Dottie delivers her passion strongly through every word she releases. Spreading positivity through contagious melodies and uplifting messages that resonate with listeners of all ages. While most are entertaining us with the sweetest and lightest voice possible, K Dottie certainly changes the polarity of sound. Forget a small voice; this girl is going in bringing a drive to the mic like pastor’s speech.

Her ability to bring uniqueness to any composition and recording is undeniable. From collaborations with Global sensation Dr Zeus and Grammy Award Nominee Simon Duggal. K Dottie has performed on stage with the likes of Freddie McGregor, Yellow man and Etana. In a music industry that often craves authenticity and genuine storytelling, K Dottie is a star undoubtedly on the rise, poised to make a lasting impact on the global music scene.


There’s no doubt her vocals have crossed over into other genres like a frequent flier. And this is just the beginning.

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