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Brunch / Day Event of the Year

Here are the Biography's of this years Nominees

Alternative Nights_edited.jpg

Alternative Nights

Alternative nights was established during lockdown 2021 where people were forced to create ‘alternative’ ways to entertain themselves. We started with games nights and elevated to sip’n’ paints. 


Our brand was designed for people who want to have a good time but want to step outside of the regular bar or club environment. We provide fun , laughter, a guaranteed great time and an alternative night that you won’t get anywhere else. 


As the demand grows so does the team. As well as events where tickets can be purchased we’ve been able to provide, birthday parties, hen nights, school consultations, business team building days and product launches.

Bashment Brunch & Punch

Bashment and Punch is a vibrant celebration of dancehall and bashment music, born to honour the longevity and influence of this genre.


Our mission is to craft a lively atmosphere where our guests can immerse themselves in both captivating music, cuisine and rum punch, all while spotlighting talented Midlands-based DJs and special guests from afar.


Join us for a day of infectious vibes, culinary delights, and unity, as we immerse ourselves in Caribbean culture and ensure you wake up the next day feeling refreshed and eager for more.


Welcome to our world of DAY PARTIES!" 🎶🌴🥳

Bashment Brunch & Punch_edited.jpg
Bitcoin Brunch_edited.jpg

Bitcoin Brunch

 Please see Bitcoin Brunch's Instagram page for more information

Jerk & Whine Brunch

Jerk and Whine Brunch: The Ultimate Dancehall Experience" is a vibrant and nostalgic celebration of 90s and 00s dancehall and reggae music. This electrifying event offers a unique fusion of music, culture, and top food.


Immerse yourself in the infectious rhythms of dancehall and reggae as you bogle to the beats of the past. Sip on bottomless rum punches that transport you to the heart of the Caribbean, and savour the mouthwatering flavors of jerk chicken from the Midlands' finest street food vendors.


But it's not just about the music and food; it's about the experience. Jerk and Whine Brunch brings together over 700 enthusiastic ravers every two months, creating an electric atmosphere of unity and fun. Join in lively games that keep the energy flowing and be part of the thrilling Dancehall Queen competition that has become legendary.


This event is the perfect day out with friends, combining great tunes, delicious food, and an unbeatable vibe. Join us for an unforgettable journey through the golden era of dancehall and reggae at Jerk and Whine Brunch, where we bring back the roots of dancehall.

Jerk & Whine Brunch_edited.jpg
NBV Events_edited.jpg

NBV Events

Nothin But Vibes Events , Est October 2021


Considered the new kids on the block to this brunch game but also like to advertise our versatility.


Not only do we want to live up to our name but we enjoy bringing all

Age gaps all under one roof to day party and enjoy good food.


Being different and giving the audience a new partying experience is what we adore.

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