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Party / Event of the Year

Here are the biography's of this years Nominees


Black Squad - Sands UK

Please see Black Squad's Instagram page for more information

Coco Events - All Black

Welcome to “The All White Day Party”, one of Europe’s largest and coveted stylish annual music day party events held across some of England’s most prestigious venues.

The day party has grown into a must-attend lifestyle brand event over the last six years. “The All White Coco Day Party”, taking place in June, is now so popular we decided to create “The All Black Coco Day Party”, a December event that now has quickly matched the ticket demand for its sister “All White Day Party.

An occasion born for the style setters across two marquees with full production featuring elite DJs playing soul, rnb, reggae, hip-hop, afro beats, afro house, revival, rare groove & slow jams.

This year we will be taking All White Coco to one of the most historic and largest music venues in the country. The All Black Coco this year will take place at the world-renowned Ascot Grandstand situated in Windsor.


Pinks - Clarendon Link Up Manchester

Clarendon link Up Manchester edition started in November 2013 by chance when a few friends including Ballie that does the Clarendon link up in Birmingham convinced me to do my own event. They thought I would be good at it since I already helped to promote events for other people. The first event was a success and each event has got bigger and better ever since.


Clarendon link up will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on November 11th 2023, and has become one of the most anticipated events for the year. My aim has always been to give ppl the dance experience that I want for myself, not just the same thing we get each week. Which is why I invested in a 360 photo booth to bring an extra spark to the experience. I also took the opportunity to turn the 360 photo booth into a business "360boothmcr", one of the first 360 businesses in the UK. That alongside with my "Pink Party Supplies" business which I hire out props for events. 

My aim is to make Clarendon link up one of the biggest dance event in the UK not just manchester. We have also extended the Clarendon Link Up experience and now do a yearly brunch.

I have been entrepreneur-minded since I was very young. I always want to be in a position where I am able to have fun but be profitable at the same time. I am passionate about hard work and dedication. I enjoy planning and seeing plans well executed. I pride myself in being a woman who works hard and is continually setting new goals for myself to attain. I have a daughter who I am happy gets to see that as a woman I can also be business minded and achieve whatever I put my mind to. My family is my motivation for what I do and their support and understanding when needed, is what has enabled me to achieve what I have so far and make it possible to look forward to doing even more. I also thank God for this nomination and for all the opportunities I have been given and the health and strength to get the work done.

KOKO - Level Up Boss 

My name is keosha also known as Koko a female dj from Manchester. I taught myself how to dj when I was 11 on cdjs then conquered virtual DJ and other machines. I started djing outside in 2019 due to being shy however here I am. I have been having parties since my 16th I am now 28.

2011 I did my first event, a high school leavers called ‘GCSE’s Extravaganza’. From a young age I have involved with the community and planning parties which allowed me to form a large support group. Over the years I have met people from all over (Manchester, Leeds, Huddersfield, Birmingham, London, Bradford…) supporting me and following me on my journey which I am extremely grateful for. All my achievements starting in 2011 carried me to where I am today. I have promoted, pushed other events, sold tickets, made flyers, supported others having their own events. The feedback I receive regular on my journey pushes me to be bigger and better. I am constantly asked for future events and the same ALL WHITE | TOUCH OF RED event.

Level Up has a main event which is the All White | Touch of Red takes place on the first Saturday of each year. I have a lot of people who look forward to this event each year. the hottest DJs from London, Leeds, Birmingham and other cities are booked, the vibes is right and the event is well organised with hard working staff. Some celebrate there new years at All White, some people who do not go out look forward to Level Up events and some people ask for more frequent events because they can not wait which pushed me to do a event in half way through the year and has been active for 2 years now.



Killa Filla - The Good Life 

Please see DJ Killa Filla's Instagram page for more information

The Noir Experience

noir description.jpg

Reminisce Events

Reminisce is leeds number 1 over 30s nightclub event with Djs playing the best in RnB, HipHop, garage, bashment and more.


Started by photographers Brian and Tes in 2022, Reminisce is 4 events in and has gone from strength to strength selling out at 400 capacity and now planning to go bigger.

Look out for growing brand Reminsce and it’s themed night coming to a city near you soon

Shorts Li - Crowd Response

Crowd Response is an annual DJ competition, which has been running since 2002.

Over the years various Dj’s from all calibres of music have taken part in this competition, each year being different and over time the concept of wild cards have been brought in to spice up the competition that little bit more…


The DJ’s compete in various rounds, playing certain genres of music for particular rounds and after each round the crowd will respond to who they think is the best for that round.  After each round a DJ gets eliminated!


Unlike other DJ competitions, this is not a clash. It’s a night to enjoy the love of music and show the audience who can entertain the crowd the best! As the audience is your Judge!

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