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Barber Shop of the Year

Here are the biography's of this year's nominees


Kemz Barbers

Please see Kem Barberz instagram page for more information. 

Seven Star Barbers

Please see Seven Star Barbers instagram page for more information. 


Styling Barberz

Erdington based Styling_Barberz is owned by jamaican brothers Ziggy and Courtney and has been running for 16 years in the community.

Chax Barbers

Hi Im Leroy Chakanyuka, a 28 year old Zimbabwean entrepreneur and founder of Chax Barbers. My barber shop has become one of the trendiest and best in the industry, delivering high quality haircuts and excellent customer service. With the creative mindset and innovative ideas has fast become the best in Stoke-on-Trent, with a second shop in the area already open. 


I built a platform called BARZ&Cutz, at the back of the barber shop, a studio to help the community who are talented in music or want to per-sue and showcase their talents so they record songs in the studio at the back of the shop and film inside the shop

For the last two years I have trimmed the homelessness for free in Stoke on Trent, I have featured on BBC news, local newspapers  and BBC radio.


Chax Barbers have been going since 2014  and soon more ventures on the way .


Sensation Barbers

Please see Sensation Barbers instagram page for more information. 

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