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Caribbean Restaurant / Takeaway of the Year

Here are the biography's of this year's nominees


Denash's Taste of the Caribbean

 I have been a chef for the past 18 years, working in fine dining, as well as running an events company which has seen me travelling around the UK and internationally to cater for corporate events as well as weddings and special occasions. I closed my last restaurant due to the impact of COVID 19. This restaurant was mainly Italian and English cuisine. I decided to open a new restaurant this summer and I’m here to build a legacy that is  built on the foods closest to my heart. I have a vision for the way I want Caribbean food to be presented to the world.


I’m here to deliver excellent cuisine, with high quality dining experience. I have partnered with Oryan Cocktail Bar and launched Denash’s taste of the Caribbean located at 113-114 Three Shire Oaks Road in Bearwood. Here, you can sample Caribbean food that will make you wanna dance “to the tune of mouth watering delicacies” or so I’ve been told 😊. Myself and Oryan share a passion for what we do and as a team we are here to change the game with the amazing food and drinks aswell as catering for all events both in-house and outside catering no matter the size.

Mighty Flames

Please see Mighty Flames' Instagram page for more information


Runaway Bay Restaurant

Please see Runaway Bay's Instagram page for more information

Formula Jamaican Restaurant

Please see Formula Restaurant's instagram for more information

Maureens Kitchen

Please see Maureen's Kitchen's Instagram page for more information

Mellows Catering

After opening our doors to the public in 2018 , the restaurant has been an iconic attraction to many influencers from all over the world, we serve authentic Caribbean cuisine with a fusion touch, The restaurant is welcome to all to enjoy the ingredients if the Caribbean in a beautiful environment managed by our very own multi award winning chef.


Treasure Taste Restaurant

Treasuretaste restaurant and desserts Ltd , established in 2004, is a thriving family-owned business rooted in a passion for woodworking.


With a dedication to cooking  passed down through generations, this business has become a trusted name in the community. Specializing in authentic Caribbean food with a modern twist , we’ve been creating delicious healthy and tasty food for almost two decades.


What started as a small venture has grown into a bustling business ,where the Hewitt family’s expertise and commitment to quality continue to shape the homes and lives of their loyal customers.

Island Lounge

Please see Island lounge's Instagram page for more information


Authentic Jerk House

Please see Authentic Jerk House's Instagram page for more information

Jerk Express

Please see Jerk Express' Instagram page for more information


Full-a-Flava Restaurant

Please see Full-A-Flava's Instagram page for more information

Mr Bigz Flavours

Mr Bigz Flavours started in 2020 after much success of cooking for friends and family. I decided to start off small and take the plunge and rent a local small kitchen within a bar in hope that more people would enjoy my foods.


After working tirelessly for two years and working 3 jobs to save enough money to grow the business further, fast forward to October 2022 and I was in a position to take on a larger premises and put the Mr Bigz Flavours above the front door. We are now approaching 1 year since opening our doors at the new premises and it’s been nothing short of pure enjoyment.


Throughout the Mr Bigz Flavours journey I’ve had opportunities to showcase the journey of being a self taught chef starting a new business on TV after being approached by Channel 5, work alongside numerous families and children teaching them my culinary skills and signature dishes, charity work and being hired on many occasions to cater for private functions.


Signature Cuisine

Please see Signature Cuisine's Instagram page for more information

So Nice Caribbean Takeaway

Please see So Nice's Instagram page for more information

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