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Outstanding Contribution to the Community 

Here are the biography's for this years nominees

Divina Johnson, CSection Coach_edited.jpg

Divina Johnson 

My name is Divina Johnson, I am the founder of C Section Coach. I support mums who have experienced a traumatic C Section with a holistic approach. Focusing on the emotional, mental, physical & spiritual aspects of recovery. Each phase is essential for finding inner peace, restoring normal function and building body confidence.


I have experienced 3 caesareans within 5 years and understand the lack of support mums receive in the mainstream system when it comes to rehabilitation of the mind & body. I offer a group coaching program for mums to heal & thrive together in a safe space, surrounded by support and empowerment.

Ian Bennett - Want 2 Achieve

Ian bennett, works for want2achieve who have worked within the criminal justice system including prisons for a number of years.  


Ian works with and helps a large number of young people and adults that are from the community and are serving some short and some very long sentences.  He helps reduce violence, helps with mental health and confidence, gives the men a focus and gives them a reason to smile everyday within their harsh environments.  If the community knew or understood how much time and effort he puts in to help those who are forgotten about by the community they would understand, many organisations claim to work with the type of young people and adults Ian does but they don't and definitely not on the scale he does. 


He is overly committed to helping those who have found themselves in such circumstances and I can honestly say without the help that Ian currently does within the young people and adults community, the jails would be in a bad state of play .

by an anonymous voter

Ian Bennett_edited.jpg
Shadez Entertainment_edited.jpg

Shadez Entertainment 

Shadez Entertainment is a studio based in walsall that Runs Holiday Camps and workshops for Children aged 11- 16. The classes Teach children how to create music from scratch and How to become a Dj, these workshops are fun and friendly and challenge the children to be creative musically.


We offer support, guidance and Mentor children within the community, the workshops also Educate the children on healthy eating and offers skills they will utilise within Life. The workshops have been running for a year now and keep going from strength to strength.

Leon Moses - M.A.D Birmingham 

Leon is Married & is also father of 5 Children & has 2 Grand Child. Leon is the Youth & Sport Engagement Manager, who co-ordinates the MAD project & The CEO of PLUG Mentoring Service. 

Leon has over 20 years of experience working with young people in such areas as youth offending service, reducing youth violence, prison service, connexions, mentoring in schools, youth service and Continental Star F.C. Since leaving formal education he has been involved in a number of community projects on a paid and voluntary basis.


This has provided him with extensive knowledge, skills and expertise in working with and amongst young people. The experience of spending most of his teenage years in these deprived areas of Birmingham has motivated him to make a difference and create a positive change for young people by creating the opportunities he was not afforded as a young person.

Leon Moses M.A_edited.jpg

Black Owned Birmingham

Black Owned Birmingham is a not-for-profit, supporting the black and business community of Birmingham.

A direct pipeline for Black businesses, we connect Black-owned businesses to engaged consumers, impactful resources, and dedicated community partners.

Our mission is to serve as an advocate for the creation and growth of profitable and sustainable Black owned businesses, whilst continuing to give back to our community.

We are committed to providing quality services and training programs that emphasise economic development, ownership and wealth building opportunities.

Twinsane Fitness

Peter and Phillip Sawyers, co-owners of Twinsane Fitness, have shown remarkable commitment to community wellness, cultivating an inclusive haven for group fitness and personalized training. Beyond exercise, their offerings like invigorating fitness classes and group hikes create a sense of belonging.


With an enduring influence on the community, their legacy inspires determination and leaves an indelible mark. In essence, the Sawyers brothers elevate well-being through unity, empowerment, and lasting impact.

Blessed 2 Bless Community Project_edited.jpg

Blessed 2 Bless

Blessed 2 Bless Deliverance Ministry was birthed in 2008, it was the result of a vision that God gave to Lee one night. When he woke up the next morning he wrote the vision down according to Joel 2. He orchestrated and fulfilled a Mission trip to Jamaica in May 2009, sending down a 20ft container filled with Clothes, Shoes, Medical Supplies, Computers, Walking Sticks, School Supplies and a wide range of other necessary items and Non Perishable food. 

Blessed 2 Bless went down with a team of 17 people from Florida who helped to bring the vision to fruition. A 5 day Evangelism meeting was held where 113 souls were saved. 

Lee has been involved in Prison Ministry for over 20 years and walks in his calling as an Evangelist. Both Lee and Janet are passionate about the call on their lives to meet the needs of the homeless, rejected, hurting, those who need to be delivered from spiritual influences. By God's grace they will continue to reach out beyond the four walls and into the community. 

Blessed 2 Bless also held street meetings in Florida giving the opportunity to bless the homeless and those in need with clothing, food and even vehicles.

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