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Outstanding Contribution to the Community During Covid

Here are the biography's of this years Nominees

Lady Limits Foundation_edited.jpg

Lady Limits Foundation

Lady Limits foundation was found and structured by Stacian Roper during the desperate needs and vulnerability during Covid. As an individual that has always been involved in the community, i felt that I needed to give back to the community.


It started off by me investing my own money back in the community by giving goods and paying for peoples food shopping as a goodwill gesture. Moving forwards, I discovered i  was able to receive free Food from Birmingham City Council and also people of the community donating, then got a team together and started to distribute goods to the vulnerable and who was in need.

Maureen's Kitchen

Please see Maureen's Kitchen's Instagram page for more information

Maureens Kitchen_edited.jpg
Fud Sundays_edited.jpg

Fud Sundays

Please see Gemini Don's Instagram page for more information

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