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Business of the Year

Below are some bio's for the Nominees

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Book Dynasty

Book Dynasty is the home diversity. focusing on representation in children's  and adult literature as well as colouring books, diverse cards and more.


Posting throughout the U.K. I am able to supply inclusive products nationwide while also able to support local and sometimes first time authors with their projects as well. My store has become a constant feature at local events in the Leeds area, from Carnival and outdoor festivals and markets to indoor shopping centres and school fêtes.


I’ve have also gained the support of various schools and nursery’s where my books are now in their classrooms and library’s.

Elite Wines

Elite wines & convenience store is a family running business, whish is open 7 days a week from 8am till 3am.  We are located in Oldbury Birmingham. We do gas and electric top ups, slush puppies, hair products as well as western union. 

We have a 5star rating on Uber Eats and a happy customer relationship.

We established April 2016 and have inspired many people across the country to do business or motivate them in pursuing their goals.

One love one nation

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Floral Glory_edited.jpg

Floral Glory

Let me share a little about my world of blooming beauty! 

I am Michelle Johnson, a passionate florist with a love for all things floral. I walked away from a 21 year Social Work post to pursue a passion. Even though I have now been in business for just under two years. I feel I've had a lot of experience.

In such a short space of time I have embarked on a colourful entrepreneurial journey and I have enjoyed mastering the art of creating stunning floral arrangements. I was blessed to be the face of Natwest 'Thrive Together' in 2022 and winning a Prestige Award for Event Stylist of The Year, also in 2022. I also have had the pleasure to provide award flowers for the International Women's Cycling Tour, Northampton Uni's Black in the Ivory and MBCC Awards, both 2 years in a row. It is an honour to provide a service that caters to my community and allows me to regard the cultural aspects of their requirements.

I simply love what I do and the way in which flower arranging allows me to relate to others. It is most definitely a method of communication. One that evokes emotions; bringing joy to many occasions. From weddings and birthdays to corporate events and intimate gatherings, even funerals. I am dedicated to crafting bespoke designs that reflect my customers unique style and vision. I do my best always and take great pride in all I create.  With an eye for detail and a commitment to quality, I source the freshest flowers and combine them in exquisite arrangements that leave a lasting impression. Whether you desire a romantic bouquet, a whimsical centerpiece, or a show-stopping floral installation, I am here to bring your floral dreams to life. Let's bloom together!

KVNG Fadez

The influence of the 21 year-old Kaycie Francis - who numbers Villa defender kortney hause among his clients - is certainly spreading. Kaycie, from all over West Midlands. He has built a loyal customer base consisting of musicians, influencers and athletes - rappers DTG and Castillo 1st and influencer Lil man to name but a few.  he’s had to overcome a number of barriers to reach a position of having 24 million views and 90,000 followers on tiktok.

He has featured on itv news and Birmingham mail

KVNG Fadez_edited.jpg
Prime Jeweller_edited.jpg

Prime Jeweller

As far back as I can remember, I have always had a passion for jewellery. Watching musicians and people from all walks of life embrace the culture of hip hop jewellery always fascinated me. I loved how it was a form of self-expression and an extension of one's personality. Now, I'm doing what I love by designing and creating jewellery myself. I strive to create unique and personalized pieces that reflect the individuality of each of my clients. With each piece, I pour my heart and soul into it, ensuring it is of the highest quality and truly one-of-a-kind. My goal is to make jewellery that not only looks beautiful but also makes people feel confident and empowered.

Rowena Barclay

Please see Rowena Barclay's Instagram page for more information

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