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Graphics Designer of the Year

Here are the biography's for this years Nominees 

Aline D Graphics_edited.jpg

AlineD Graphics

Hey I'm Daniel!


I'm a Leeds-based graphic designer with over 20 years of experience. What began as a way to help friends soon flourished into a thriving design business that has left its mark on both the local community and beyond. As an art and design teacher, I've shared my expertise and philosophy of embracing simplicity in a complex world.


My journey has been fueled by a passion for creative expression and a commitment to aligning aesthetics with purpose. Through social media, my work has reached a diverse audience, resonating with those who value meaningful design and the power of community.

Black Diamond Designs 

Started in 2010, Black Diamond Designs have now established a customer base in Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester, Doncaster, Sheffield, London, Derby, Jamaica, Florida, Curacao and Bahamas 

Black Diamond Designs_edited.jpg
Graphics By Roxxiess_edited.jpg

Graphics By Roxxiess

Please see Graphics By Roxxiess' Instagram page for more information

Mind Right Media

Please see Mind Right Media's Instagram page for more information

Mind Right Media_edited.jpg
Platnum Squad Gfx_edited.jpg

Platnum Squad Gfx

Platnum Squad Gfx Is a Graphic Design Business Based In Birmingham, UK


This Business Started Out As a Hobby In 2020, During The Pandemic. As The Years Went by We Started To Take Our Craft More Serious, And Would Now Consider Ourselves As a Full Time Graphic Designer Of 3 Years.


We Specialise In Logos, Flyer Designs, Cover Arts & Many More


Whilst Doing Graphic Work It Takes Us Into Our Own World Where We Can Be As Creative As we Want To Be. We Love Working With a Range Of Different People, Helping Them Build Their Brand & Businesses But Also Turing Their Visions Into Reality


Platnum Squad Gfx

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