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Welcome To REYAC Awards 2024 

7 December 2024
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About REYAC Awards

The Reyac Awards were founded by members of the Roxxiess Sound System. Realising that the hard work of local small businesses and individuals was being overlooked, the team brainstormed how other members of the community could receive the recognition they deserved. It was felt that an award ceremony would be the best way to recognise people for their outstanding contributions to the Black community, promote the growth and development of this community and encourage others to realise their dreams.


Founded in 2016; REYAC was one of the first Black Annual Awards ceremonies in the West Midlands, celebrating the outstanding achievements and excellence of local small businesses and individuals. This is an opportunity for everyone to recognize the contributions of others to the community and their impact on the industry. The awards have been held annually since 2016 and have gained greater recognition in the black community, with participants traveling across the country to support the cause. It is an initiative that began to recognize and celebrate the contributions and excellent work of local individuals and businesses in the Caribbean community. 


Unfortunately due to commercial and government restrictions during Covid, we were unable to present at the REYAC Awards but that didn't stop us from working hard in the background; sponsoring small businesses, donating equipment and volunteering where possible. We are now ready to bring back the awards ceremony, celebrate the achievements of others, encourage networking within the community and bring our local community out for dinner and dancing.


Join us for a night of glamour and inspiration as we honour the best of the best.​



The REYAC Awards Ceremony provides an opportunity to recognise and reward excellence in the workplace, identify and acknowledge individuals and local businesses for their outstanding work within the Black community.  This includes individuals who have been seen to continuously ‘go that extra mile’ for the local community. 


This is the sixth year of the REYAC Awards, which celebrates the fantastic work being done by businesses and individuals within the local area, catering to the black community.  We would like to continue to build on this success and invite you to join us as a sponsor at this year’s award ceremony.  


This year’s REYAC Awards Ceremony and dinner will be held on 7 December 2024.


This is an exciting opportunity for any organisation to be involved in celebrating, and acknowledging the achievements of local businesses and to find out more about the work these individuals are doing to make the local community better.    Being a sponsor will also enable you to show your support for the black community and the everyday endeavours of the local surrounding businesses. 


REYAC Awards is a non-profit making event.  All sponsorship will be used to make the event a great experience for all involved.  Any surplus funds will be used to support future events or donated to our chosen local charity / CIC for 2024.


If you wish to discuss becoming a sponsor for the REYAC Awards 2024, then please contact us at; and a member of staff will be happy to discuss the proposals, send out a sponsor pack and answer any questions you may have.

Past Events

Past Events

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